• Almon

    I was drawn to yoga whilst working as a busy professional amid the freneticism of London life. My yoga practice has been a natural anchor through many of life’s inevitable ups and downs.


    I aim to create a nurturing space, focusing on breath-based movement, self-care and mindfulness. I believe in moving slowly to the rhythm of the breath as a way of building strength, balance and flexibility, in both body and mind.


    In particular, I found yoga postures and breathing techniques to be a great help during pregnancy and the early days of being a mum to my sons, who are also yoga enthusiasts themselves!


    I teach Flow, Pregnancy, Postnatal, Baby and Kids Yoga.

  • Classes

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    10.15am Mum & Baby Yoga 

    The Movement Studio N5


    6pm Pregnancy Yoga

    Yoga on the Lane E8




    11am Mum & Baby Yoga

    Yoga on the Lane E8


    6.45pm Pregnancy Yoga

    YogaHome N16



    11am Mum & Baby Yoga

    YogaHome N16


    1pm Mixed Level Yoga

    Yoga on the Lane E8







  • Workshops

    Yoga for labour and birth

    2-5pm Sat 11th March 2023

    A workshop for pregnant women and their partner, to prepare for labour and birth. It will give you a range of tools to help you feel confident and knowledgeable in your ability to birth your baby or supporting your partner during this special and sometimes uneasy time.


    What we’ll discuss and practice:

    * stages of labour & physiology of birth

    * breathing practices for labour & for birthing your baby

    * physical postures to help the flow of labour & for birthing your baby

    * restorative postures, self-massage & parter massage for relaxation

    * mindful meditation practices to help reduce worries, doubts & concerns


    The session will include a short break giving you an opportunity to meet with other parents. It is suitable for all pregnant couples, whether you’re a first-time parent, a parent to four kids, an experienced practitioner or new to yoga.


    Cost: £80. Includes download of mindful meditation practices and a handout. I recommend you both wear something loose fitting and bring along your favourite blanket! Please get in touch with any questions. The session will take place at Yogahome, Stoke Newignton, N16 and can be booked here.

    Yoga Club

    Next session date tbc

    Yoga Club is the perfect way for children to start exploring yoga. The sessionn will include movement, games, mindfulness exercises, breathing techniques, singing and imaginative play.


    Yoga is about more than making shapes with your body - it's about making your heart, mind and emotions healthy too. Learn to empower

    yourself like a superhero, manage your emotions with magic breathing, and take your imagination on a playful adventure. Come join the fun...



  • Testimonials



    “The birth was intense, amazing and quick. I believe that latter was due, in part, to lots of pregnancy yoga so many thanks for your wonderful classes. I look forward to joining your postnatal classes in the future.” Saskia

    "I truly enjoyed Almon classes. She is very professional. Very kind and supportive. I have found her techniques and the flow very helpful. She has a good understand about how women can benefit from yoga and meditation during pregnancy." Baran

    "Fantastic teacher. Got a great and well needed stretch. Able to change nappy and feed baba during class too, so relaxed and light. Thoroughly enjoyed and will keep going." Nicky

      "This workshop equipped my partner and I with pretty much everything we needed to know for labour and birth. Almon covered a lot of ground and it was also a very relaxing afternoon, where my partner and I connected with bump. Hugely recommended!" Mary

  • Styles

    Flow Yoga

    I believe in moving slowly to the rhythm of the breath as a way of building strength, balance and flexibility, in both body and mind. This practice allows for focus on alignment and mindful movement between postures.


    I have a regular Flow Yoga practice and change my focus from gentle to challenging depending on my emotional and physical needs.


    Pregnancy Yoga

    Having experienced the benefits of Pregnancy Yoga personally, I believe the practice enables soon-to-be Mamas to stay positive in body and mind during an exciting and often uncertain time.


    My classes focus on breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as postures which strengthen and stretch the body. Enabling Mamas-to-be to maintain or gain fitness, while reducing anxiety in preparation for labour and motherhood.

    Postnatal with Baby Yoga

    My Postnatal with Baba Yoga classes are a special time set aside for Mamas and babas to focus on the benefits of touch, movement and relaxation. Specialist Postnatal Yoga sequencing will help tone and strengthen Mamas muscles, improve posture and combat fatigue.


    For babas there will be playful movement, songs and gentle massage to promote sleep, digestion and overall healthy development.

    Yoga Club (kids yoga)

    Yoga Club aims to address the mental health and wellbeing crisis facing young people in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. We believe breath-led dynamic yoga, combining body awareness with mindfulness, teaches childre to recognise how they are feeling and how to self-regulate - an essential tool for building physical and mental wellbeing. The classes are taught at primary schools within the school day and also in a yoga studio setting.

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