Flow, Pregnancy, Postnatal & Baby Yoga

  • Almon

    I was drawn to yoga whilst working as a busy professional amid the freneticism of London life. My yoga practice has been a natural anchor through many of life’s inevitable ups and downs.


    I aim to create a nurturing space, focusing on breath-based yoga movement, safe alignment and mindfulness. I believe in moving slowly to the rhythm of the breath as a way of building strength, balance and flexibility, in both body and mind.


    In particular, I found yoga postures and breathing techniques to be a great help during pregnancy and the early days of being a mum to my sons, who are also yoga enthusiasts themselves!


    I teach Flow, Pregnancy, Postnatal and Baby Yoga.

  • Classes

    All classes via zoom only at present

    *To book please click through below to relevant studio*


    9.30am Postnatal & Baby

    11am Parent & Toddler

    Essence Of N16



    9.30am Morning Flow*

    11am Postnatal & Baby

    LIM Studio N5


    6pm Pregnancy Yoga

    Yoga on the Lane E8


    11am Postnatal & Baby

    12.30pm Lunchtime Flow*

    Essence Of N16


    6.30pm Pregnancy Yoga

    YogaHome N16



    11am Postnatal & Baby

    YogaHome N16





    *starting w/c 7th June

  • Styles

    Flow Yoga

    I believe in moving slowly to the rhythm of the breath as a way of building strength, balance and flexibility, in both body and mind. This practice allows for focus on alignment and mindful movement between postures.


    I have a regular Flow Yoga practice and change my focus from gentle to challenging depending on my emotional and physical needs.


    Pregnancy Yoga

    Having experienced the benefits of Pregnancy Yoga personally, I believe the practice enables soon-to-be Mamas to stay positive in body and mind during an exciting and often uncertain time.


    My classes focus on breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as postures which strengthen and stretch the body. Enabling Mamas-to-be to maintain or gain fitness, while reducing anxiety in preparation for labour and motherhood.

    Postnatal with Baby Yoga

    My Postnatal with Baba Yoga classes are a special time set aside for Mamas and babas to focus on the benefits of touch, movement and relaxation. Specialist Postnatal Yoga sequencing will help tone and strengthen Mamas muscles, improve posture and combat fatigue.


    For babas there will be playful movement, songs and gentle massage to promote sleep, digestion and overall healthy development.


    The Inner Axis system, a style of yoga developed by my teacher Max Strom, has been specifically developed as a way of taking yoga and mindfulness into workspaces. The practice incorporates breath based yoga movement and mindfulness, and focuses directly on reducing stress, anxiety and sleeplessness.


    I teach lessons that will suit different corporate environments, be it an hour post work class in yoga gear or a 20 minute lunchtime session in office wear. The classes focus on using breath initiated movement to help professionals to feel better and work smarter.

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